Zhen Gao – Managing Partner

Ms. Zhen Gao is Managing Partner of Mandarin Capital Partners. She is responsible for China operation and cross-border deals. She has extensive experience in investing in manufacturing, fashion and high-quality consumer goods, environmental protection and medical service sectors. She worked on Zoomlion-CIFA deal in 2008, which was the largest Chinese investment in European industrial sector at that time.


She joined Mandarin Capital Partners with more than 11 years experience in international project financing area. She previously was director for operation in a major Business Department at the Export Import Bank of China. Before this, she was country manager and loan officer, managing portfolio of several countries in Asian and African Regions. She worked on a number of projects in manufacturing, energy and telecommunication sectors including several cross-border M&A deals.


Zhen Gao holds a cum laude degree in Finance from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing and a MBA in Finance from Chinese University of Hong Kong. She attended a couple of Harvard Business School Executive Programs, such as Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions, High Potential Leadership Program, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Drive Corporate Performance and Manage Board Effectively. She attended Global CEO Program co-sponsored by CEIBS, IESE and Harvard Business School.

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